M People - Renaissance (2020) FLAC

Label: Edsel Records
Genre: Dance-Pop, Soul, Electro, Eurodance, House
Quality: FLAC (*tracks)
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Northern Soul
CD1-1 Colour My Life
CD1-2 How Can I Love You More?
CD1-3 Inner City Cruise
CD1-4 It's Your World
CD1-5 Sexual Freedom
CD1-6 Kiss It Better
CD1-7 Tumbling Down
CD1-8 Landscape Of Love
CD1-9 Life
CD1-10 Someday
CD1-11 Excited (M People Master Mix)
CD1-12 Man Smart
CD1-13 Platini
CD1-14 How Can I Love You More? (Sasha's Master Mix)
CD1-15 Someday (Sasha's Full Master)
Northern Soul – Remixes
CD2-1 How Can I Love You More? (Edit)
CD2-2 Colour My Life (Edit)
CD2-3 Someday (Edit)
CD2-4 Excited (Radio Edit)
CD2-5 Colour My Life (Original Mix)
CD2-6 Excited (M People Remix)
CD2-7 Someday (Part One)
CD2-8 Colour My Life (Part One)
CD2-9 Excited (Judge Jules Remix)
CD2-10 How Can I Love You More? (Sasha’s Ambient Dub)
CD2-11 Someday (Sasha’s Dub)
CD2-12 Colour My Life (DJ’s Rule Club Mix)
CD2-13 Excited (MK T Mix)
CD2-14 How Can I Love You More? (Sasha’s QAT Mix)
Elegant Slumming
CD3-1 One Night In Heaven
CD3-2 Moving On Up
CD3-3 Renaissance
CD3-4 You Just Have To Be There
CD3-5 Love Is In My Soul
CD3-6 Don’t Look Any Further
CD3-7 Natural Thing
CD3-8 Little Packet
CD3-9 La Vida Loca
CD3-10 Melody Of Life
CD3-11 One Night In Heaven (Hi Gloss Mix)
CD3-12 Renaissance (M People Master Mix)
CD3-13 Moving On Up (Tee’s Freeze Mix)
CD3-14 Don’t Look Any Further (Danny D Mix)
Elegant Slumming - Remixes
CD4-1 One Night In Heaven (Master Edit)
CD4-2 Moving On Up (M People Master Edit)
CD4-3 Don’t Look Any Further (M People Master Edit)
CD4-4 Renaissance (Radio Mix)
CD4-5 One Night In Heaven (K-Klass Klub Mix)
CD4-6 Moving On Up (NY Underground Mix)
CD4-7 Renaissance (Roger S Revelation Mix)
CD4-8 One Night In Heaven (The Chicken Head Mix)
CD4-9 Moving On Up (MK Mix)
CD4-10 Renaissance (John Digweed’s 4AM Mix)
CD4-11 One Night In Heaven (M People Dub)
CD4-12 Moving On Up (Roger’s Harddub)
CD4-13 Renaissance (The S-Man’s Dub Lift)
CD4-14 One Night In Heaven (Pharmacy Dub)
Bizarre Fruit
CD5-1 Sight For Sore Eyes
CD5-2 Search For The Hero
CD5-3 Open Your Heart
CD5-4 Love Rendezvous
CD5-5 Precious Pearl
CD5-6 Sugar Town
CD5-7 Walk Away
CD5-8 Drive Time
CD5-9 Padlock
CD5-10 And Finally...
CD5-11 Itchycoo Park (M People Master Mix)
CD5-12 Search For The Hero (M People Master Mix)
CD5-13 Love Rendezvous (M People Master Mix)
CD5-14 Search For The Hero (Dave Hall Remix)
Bizarre Fruit – Remixes
CD6-1 Sight For Sore Eyes (Radio Mix)
CD6-2 Open Your Heart (Radio Mix)
CD6-3 Search For The Hero (Radio Mix)
CD6-4 Love Rendezvous (Radio Mix)
CD6-5 Itchycoo Park (Radio Edit)
CD6-6 Sight For Sore Eyes (Lee Marrow Remix)
CD6-7 Love Rendezvous (Wand's Uptight Mix)
CD6-8 Open Your Heart (Double Bangin’ Dub)
CD6-9 Padlock (Tribal Vocal Mix)
CD6-10 ItchycooPark (Hed Boys Post-Op Mix)
CD6-11 Open Your Heart (Sour Cream Mix)
CD6-12 Love Rendezvous (Uno Clio Vocal Mix)
CD6-13 Sight For Sore Eyes (E-Smoove Dub Mix)
CD7-1 Just For You
CD7-2 Fantasy Island
CD7-3 Never Mind Love
CD7-4 Last Night 10,000
CD7-5 Smile
CD7-6 Red Flower Sunset
CD7-7 Angel St
CD7-8 Lonely
CD7-9 Rhythm And Blues
CD7-10 Believe It
CD7-11 Bohemia
CD7-12 Avalon
CD7-13 Testify
CD7-14 Dreaming
CD7-15 What A Fool Believes
CD7-16 Baby Don’t Change Your Mind
Fresco - Remixes
CD8-1 Just For You (Radio Edit)
CD8-2 Fantasy Island (Radio Edit)
CD8-3 Angel St (Radio Edit)
CD8-4 Dreaming (Radio Edit)
CD8-5 Testify (Rae & Christian Remix)
CD8-6 Just For You (MM R&B Edit)
CD8-7 Fantasy Island (D-Influence Dimensional Mix)
CD8-8 Angel St (Joey Negro’s Extended Disco Mix)
CD8-9 Dreaming (Genius 3 Underground Mix)
CD8-10 Fantasy Island (M+S Fantasy Klub Mix)
CD8-11 Testify (Pablo’s Dub)
CD8-12 Dreaming (Jimmy Gomez 6AM Dub)
CD8-13 Just For You (Way Out West Remix)
The Frankie Knuckles & David Morales Mixes
CD9-1 One Night In Heaven (The Heavenly Club Mix)
CD9-2 Itchycoo Park (Morales Classic Club Mix)
CD9-3 Just For You (Frankie’s Sanctified Anthem)
CD9-4 Fantasy Island (Classic Mix)
CD9-5 Dreaming (Morales Mix)
CD9-6 One Night In Heaven (The Late Night Dub)
CD9-7 Just For You (Hipshakers’ Delight)
CD9-8 Fantasy Island (Def Club Mix)
CD9-9 Itchycoo Park (Morales Beat Of Dubs)
CD9-10 Dreaming (Morales King Dub)


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