VA - United Guitars Vol. 1 (2019) CD-Rip

Label: Mistiroux Productions - MP0712121975
Genre: Heavy Metal, Hard Rock
Quality: FLAC (*tracks + .cue + log + scans)
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1. Axel Bauer - Vaisseau amiral (feat. Julien Bitoun, Quentin Godet, Norbert Krief)
2. Nym Rhosilir - Melody for Beggars (feat. NeoGeoFanatic, Manu Livertout, Ludovic Egraz)
3. Youri De Groote - In Stages (feat. Norbert Krief, Fabrice Dutour)
4. Fred Chapellier - Back to Earth (feat. Ludovic Egraz, Axel Bauer)
5. Manu Livertout - As Years Go By (feat. François Maigret, NeoGeoFanatic)
6. Yoann Kempst - Boulevard des onanistes (feat. Régis Savigny, Jean Fontanille)
7. Pierre Danel - Symbole (feat. Quentin Godet)
1. Ludovic Egraz - Us vs. Them (feat. Anthony Magro, Nym Rhosilir, Saturax) [The War Is Engaged]
2. Jean Fontanille - Tourette Syndrome (feat. Richard Daude, Yvan Guillevic, Xavier Lacombrade)
3. Julien Bitoun - Swedish Sausage Fest (feat. Régis Savigny, Saturax)
4. Yvan Guillevic - Rainy Day in Brooklyn (feat. Fred Chapellier, Judge Fredd)
5. Fabrice Dutour - At the End of the Road (feat. Youri De Groote, Axel Bauer, Fred Chapellier, Julien Bitoun)
6. NeoGeoFanatic - Exogen (feat. Gus G., Yoann Kemps, Francois C. Delacoudre)
7. Richard Daudé - Lone Ranger (feat. Pierre Danel, Rick Graham)
8. Saturax - United Anthem (feat. Richard Daude, Judge Fredd)


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