Hans Zimmer - The World of Hans Zimmer (2021) FLAC

Label: UMG Recordings, Inc.
Genre: Soundtrack
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

01. Final Ascent (From ''No Time To Die'' Soundtrack)
02. Chevaliers De Sangreal (From The Da Vinci Code Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
03. Now We Are Free (From "Gladiator" Soundtrack)
04. Gun Barrel (From ''No Time To Die'' Soundtrack)
05. The Battle (From "Gladiator" Soundtrack)
06. Shouldn't We Get To Know Each Other First (From ''No Time To Die'' Soundtrack)
07. Square Escape (From ''No Time To Die'' Soundtrack)
08. Zimmer: Main Theme [Rain Man] (Edit)
09. L'Esprit Des Gabriel
10. Progeny (From "Gladiator" Soundtrack)
11. Zimmer, Djawadi: Tracy Island
12. Honor Him (From "Gladiator" Soundtrack)
13. All That Remains (From "Gladiator" Soundtrack)
14. Someone Was Here (From ''No Time To Die'' Soundtrack)
15. Time (arr. guitar) (From "Inception")
16. Maximus (From "Gladiator" Soundtrack)
17. Leave No Man Behind
18. Still Reprise (From "Black Hawk Down" Soundtrack)
19. To Zuccabar (From "Gladiator" Soundtrack)
20. The General Who Became A Slave (From "Gladiator" Soundtrack)
21. Vale Of Plenty
22. Homecoming (From "Gladiator" Soundtrack)
23. Mogadishu Blues
24. Zimmer: Burning Tree
25. Secrets (From "Gladiator" Soundtrack)
26. Earth (From "Gladiator" Soundtrack)
27. Zimmer: I'll Follow Your Voice
28. Malleus Maleficarum
29. Strength And Honor (From "Gladiator" Soundtrack)
30. Zimmer: Shelter Mountain
31. Reunion (From "Gladiator" Soundtrack)
32. Slaves To Rome (From "Gladiator" Soundtrack)
33. Dies Mercurii I Martius (From The Da Vinci Code Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
34. Hunger
35. Zimmer: This Is Going To Hurt
36. Patricide (From "Gladiator" Soundtrack)
37. Not Yet (From "Gladiator" Soundtrack)
38. Now We Are Free (Juba's Mix / From "Gladiator" Soundtrack)
39. The Paschal Spiral
40. Fructus Gravis
41. Zimmer: The Ferry
42. Of The Earth
43. Sorrow (From "Gladiator" Soundtrack)
44. Rome Is The Light (From "Gladiator" Soundtrack)
45. Marrakesh Marketplace (From "Gladiator" Soundtrack)
46. Salvete Virgines
47. Zimmer: She Never Sleeps
48. The Mob (From "Gladiator" Soundtrack)
49. Death Smiles At All Of Us (From "Gladiator" Soundtrack)
50. Chant
51. The Protector Of Rome (From "Gladiator" Soundtrack)
52. The Emperor Is Dead (From "Gladiator" Soundtrack)
53. Figurines (From "Gladiator" Soundtrack)
54. The Wheat (From "Gladiator" Soundtrack)
55. Elysium (From "Gladiator" Soundtrack)
56. Matera (From ''No Time To Die'' Soundtrack)
57. Home (From ''No Time To Die'' Soundtrack)


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