VA - Looking Through A Glass Onion (The Beatles' Psychedelic Songbook 1966-72) (2020) [CD-Rip]

Label: Grapefruit Records – CRSEG077T
Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Pop Rock, Prog Rock, Jazz-Rock
Quality: FLAC (tracks + .cue + log + scans)

1 Camel: Mystery Tour
2 Deep Purple: Help
3 Yes: Every Little Thing
4 Affinity: I Am The Walrus
5 Rainbow Ffolly: Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
6 The Hollies: If I Needed Someone
7 The Mirage: Tomorrow Never Knows
8 Kippington Lodge: In My Life
9 Eyes Of Blue: Yesterday
10 Sounds Nice: Flying
11 Design: Strawberry Fields Forever
12 Episode Six: Here There & Everywhere
13 Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers: Got To Get You Into My Life
14 Hair Rave-Up: Birthday
15 Blonde On Blonde: Eleanor Rigby
16 Atlantic Bridge: Dear Prudence
17 Jawbone: Across The Universe
18 Duffy Power: Fixing A Hole
19 Trucial States: Oh! Darling
20 The Tremeloes: Good Day Sunshine
21 Infinity: Taxman
22 Orange Bicycle: Carry That Weight/You Never Give Me Your Money
1 Spooky Tooth: I Am The Walrus
2 Plastic Penny: Strawberry Fields Forever
3 Rainbow Ffolly: The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill
4 Big Jim Sullivan: Within You Without You
5 The Gods: Hey Bulldog
6 Freedom: Cry Baby Cry
7 Don Fardon: Day Tripper
8 The Frugal Sound: Norwegian Wood
9 Penny Arcade: The Two Of Us
10 Andy Ellison: You Can't Do That
11 Grand Union: She Said She Said
12 Davey Graham & Holly: Mother Nature's Son
13 Cliff Bennett & His Band: Back In The USSR
14 The Young Idea: With A Little Help From My Friends
15 The Shadows: Paperback Writer
16 Phillip Goodhand-Tait & The Stormsville Shakers: One & One Is Two
17 The Majority: A Hard Day's Night
18 Trucial States: Birthday
19 Linda Peters: Get Back
20 Bo Street Runners: Drive My Car
21 The Good Ship Lollipop: Maxwell's Silver Hammer
22 Stone The Crows: The Fool On The Hill
23 Young Blood: I Will
24 The Hi-Fis: Yellow Submarine
25 The Tomcats: Yesterday
26 Lol Coxhill: I Am The Walrus
1 Jason Crest: Come Together
2 Tomorrow: Strawberry Fields Forever
3 Circus: Norwegian Wood
4 Big Jim Sullivan: She's Leaving Home
5 Deep Purple: Exposition/We Can Work It Out
6 Affinity: A Day In The Life
7 Andy Ellison: Help
8 The Score: Please Please Me
9 Loose Ends: Taxman
10 The Eyes: Good Day Sunshine
11 The Wilson Malone Voiceband: Penny Lane
12 Young Blood: The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill
13 Real McCoy: I Will
14 The Spectrum: Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
15 Brian Bennett: Rocky Raccoon
16 Ice: Day Tripper
17 The Sorrows: We Can Work It Out
18 Octopus: I Am The Walrus
19 Hardin & York: Northern Medley
20 Vera Lynn: Good Night


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